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Gearbox Repairs By the Experts in Perth

Here at Bob Wade Fleet Maintenance, it's our job to make sure your truck runs as well as the day you bought it. Your gearbox is one of the most
important components of your truck. When it gets noisy, jumps out of gear or has difficulty shifting, bring it to us. We are experienced in gearbox repairs in Perth and can help you get back on the road again fast.

Bob Wade Fleet Maintenance

We are an industrial and commercial fleet maintenance company located in Perth. We specialise in routine maintenance, repairs and rebuilds of
trucks, trailers and heavy-duty fleets. Since 1999, we have built a strong reputation of expert service and reliable repairs you can count on.
We are a family-run business that puts our customers first. We have staff available 24/7 to answer questions or work on your vehicle or fleet, so
you never have to wait too long for service. We are also a member of the Motor Trade Association (MTA) of Western Australia, so you can rest assured knowing we have high standards for our work.

Gearbox Repairs and Rebuilds

Your gearbox translates power from the engine to the driveshaft. Because of all the many moving parts involved, your gearbox can wear out quickly because of the constant heat and friction.

Gearboxes are often costly to replace,and should be maintained often to ensure small problems don't become bigger ones. If you notice grinding, shaking, persistent leaks,a burning smell or a dragging clutch, it's a sign of a faulty gearbox.

When your gearbox starts slipping, you have two options: repair or rebuild it. Here at Bob Wade Fleet Maintenance, we are experienced in both gearbox repairs in Perth and gearbox rebuilds. Bring your truck in today for a diagnostic test and a free quote.

We have experienced mechanics,a brand new service centre and service exchange roadrangers in stock at competitive pricing.

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    As a truck owner, your truck is your livelihood. Take is to a shop that understands commercial vehicles and gearbox repairs in Perth. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment on 08 9454 2000.

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